Americans cited low pay as one of the top reasons why they quit their job last year in a separate Pew survey conducted in February. Setting strategy, creating road maps, and defining product features are all a part of the job. Product managers may also analyze market conditions and communicate with people at all levels of an organization.

Want to work from home and make $405,000 a year? Here are 10 Texas remote, hybrid jobs – Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Want to work from home and make $405,000 a year? Here are 10 Texas remote, hybrid jobs.

Posted: Fri, 20 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Launch a new remote-friendly career with confidence by completing a Professional Certificate on Coursera. Learn at your own pace from industry-leading companies, like Meta, Google, and IBM. Financial planning roles generally involve coordinating accounting, producing financial reports and cash-flow statements as well as profit projections while complying with regulatory requirements.

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Click on the “Find Jobs” link (last column) to start your search on a remote job board we recommend. Navigating the job market for side hustles that pay well doesn’t have to be complex. One practical step you can take is sticking to niche job platforms, like FlexJobs. We offer a curated selection of verified, flexible job opportunities, eliminating the hassle of sifting through countless listings and dodging remote job scams on generic job boards.

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They also assist the marketing department, providing guidelines on the products attractive features and functionalities. Ensuring the staff are adequately trained and equipped with the latest medical know-how is also considered one of the duties. The qualifications required are either Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). He or she serves as the guide and leader for the department and clinical staff. Controlling and managing the clinical protocols and ensuring compliance are the key duties of the role.

How to work from home: Tips for applying to remote jobs

Explore high-paying remote jobs that can be a great option if you enjoy working outside an office or out in the field. If you’re planning to make the switch to remote working in 2021 or are already a remote worker looking for a better position, you might want to learn what the are. In this role, you get to use your organization and people skills to lead teams and complete successful, on-time, and on-budget projects. Thanks to advances in online collaboration software, it’s easier than ever to work remotely as a project manager. As a graphic designer, you can create stunning designs for websites, logos, brochures, and more. In addition to graphic design, some other roles you may find include web designer, print manager, and animator.

  • Many companies have virtual attorney positions, and while you won’t be the type of lawyer that goes to trial in a regular court, you could be a location independent estate attorney or a remote patent lawyer.
  • As a translator, you’d convert written information from one language to another.
  • Marketing managers oversee campaigns to communicate a brand or organization’s message to its target market and propel growth of products or services.
  • As a remote social media manager, you’ll be responsible for managing social media accounts, generating social media content, and creating an online presence for businesses.
  • Your tasks will include addressing customer inquiries, resolving billing issues, and aiding users in navigating websites.
  • The companies can penetrate more and more into their respective zones, earning customers and hence greater revenue.
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